peer support for addiction is what gets this woman through recovery

Peer Support Can Hold You Accountable to Your Recovery

Peer support for addiction recovery can be successful in helping those suffering from addiction when individual therapy is not enough. Participants will feel more comfortable around others who have gone through similar struggles and feel more inclined to share their stories. Your deeper connection with others in your peer support group will keep you accountable…

naloxone treatment can save lives during overdose

How Naloxone Can Save Lives During Overdose

Opioid overdose is one of the leading causes of most overdose cases in the U.S. A naloxone treatment is the best way to stop the effects of the overdose. The fast-acting naloxone treatment can be administered through injection or nasal spray (NARCAN®) when medical assistance isn’t around. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we are available…

group of hikers on an outdoor recovery group outing

How Community Activities Can Boost Recovery

For those in recovery from addiction, finding new healthy hobbies should be a priority. Addiction can cause physical and mental health issues that different activities can help participants recover from. Additionally, addiction can be isolating. Those who are struggling with substance abuse can benefit from connecting with others in recovery in a safe, supportive environment.…

a landscape represents the beauty in colorado cbt

CBT Program in Colorado

Many people who struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues like depression or anxiety can benefit from a cognitive-behavioral therapy program (CBT). This type of therapy has helped many get back to living healthy and productive lives. The stigma of needing therapy is long gone as millions in the US suffer from stress and…

a man requires depression treatment after the pandemic

Pandemic Blues: How to Deal With Lingering Depression Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in some form or another. Many people began working at home instead of spending time in an office. Birthday parties and other celebrations went virtual. No matter how your life was disrupted as a result of COVID-19, if you struggle with depression, you might have found it difficult to…

a pair plans for their long term recovery

How to Plan for Long-Term Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a chronic disease that cannot be cured by simply quitting cold turkey. Those who are struggling with severe addiction might spend anywhere from six to 12 months in an addiction treatment program. For those that repeatedly return to opioids or alcohol after months or years of sobriety, a long-term recovery program will work…

a couple benefits from a dual diagnosis treatment center

What to Expect in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When you are depressed, you want to feel better. And a number of people turn to opioids or alcohol for relief. These substances make them feel better temporarily, and they may begin to associate them as a cure for their depression. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse alongside mental health…

a person learns about recovery-oriented treatment

Types of Addiction Treatment for Recovery

There is likely a misconception among many people with addiction issues that all treatment programs are the same. The fact is that there are many types of addiction treatment. There are addiction treatment center programs that also include a wide variety of addiction treatment therapies. The recovery-oriented treatment at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery includes comprehensive programs and individualized…