a man seeks colorado heroin treatment

Choosing the Right Heroin Treatment Program

The devastating effects of heroin are experienced across the country among those with heroin addiction issues and their family members every day. Heroin can take a substantial toll on the health, well-being, and even the lives of those with an addiction to heroin. A heroin addiction treatment program guides people that have an addiction to…

a woman looks into oxycontin treatment for a loved one

Finding an OxyContin Treatment Program Right For You

Addiction to OxyContin takes an incredible toll on people and their families. The risk of addiction to this pain reliever affects many thousands of people. Sources show that there are continuing risks to addiction and overdoses related to OxyContin. An OxyContin treatment program offers hope and the opportunity to recover from addiction to OxyContin. What…

a man is happy he visited an alcohol rehab in denver

Benefits of Seeking Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction takes a serious toll on individual people and on the families of people with an addiction to alcohol. The short-term effects and the long-term effects of addiction of alcohol addiction may have serious effects on the body, on the mental health of someone, and on the overall health of people that are addicted…

a woman finds help in a suboxone recovery center

What to Expect in Recovery-Oriented Suboxone Treatment

A Suboxone treatment program offers help for individuals struggling with opioid addiction issues. Suboxone, used as part of a medication-assisted treatment program, offers a variety of benefits for patients. Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, helps make the recovery process more comfortable for people that want to regain control over their life and to successfully complete treatment…

a doctor explains how a buprenorphine treatment works

How Buprenorphine Is Used to Treat Heroin Addiction

Heroin affects the brain and body in ways that can eventually lead to a serious addiction. It doesn’t discriminate, so people from any background can become vulnerable to its effects. Getting the right help can be key to overcoming heroin addiction. Buprenorphine treatment is one way that Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery helps individuals struggling with…

a woman deals with her heroin addiction

Recognizing the Signs of Heroin Addiction

The addictiveness of heroin makes it one of the most commonly abused drugs in the U.S. People often turn to drugs like heroin after running out of prescription opioids or as a way to cope with mental health issues. It is possible to overcome a heroin addiction with the right treatment and support. Colorado Medication…

CMAR clinical director press release

Press Release: CMAR’s Clinical Director Featured in The Mighty

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CMAR’s Clinical Director Featured in The Mighty Denver, CO: Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery’s clinical director Michael Damioli has been featured in a recent article from The Mighty. In their article “Why ‘Harm Reduction’ Could Be a Tool for Managing and Minimizing Drug Addiction,” Damioli offers his perspective on the role of harm…

a doctor prepares a vivitrol treatment

Does Vivitrol Cure Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) gives rehab centers the ability to provide clients with a treatment option that can help sustain recovery. While it’s mainly used to treat drug addiction, it can also benefit individuals battling an alcohol addiction. Vivitrol treatment involves giving clients an extended-release form of naltrexone. Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery believes in the benefits…

a doctor writes a prescription for naltrexone treatment

How Naltrexone Is Used to Treat Opiate Addiction

The way that opioids interact with the brain makes opiate addiction difficult to overcome. It used to be that the main approach to helping people with opioid addiction was to have them go through withdrawal before receiving therapy and other forms of treatment. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) takes a different approach. Clients receive medication that alleviates…

a man learns about trauma-informed care

What Is Trauma-Informed Care?

When we go to the doctor, the focus is often on figuring out what’s wrong. While your doctor only wants to help, taking a clinical approach that seems to ignore what may be happening beneath your exterior can feel impersonal. Those who have experienced trauma can face challenges with their mental health. Trauma-informed care focuses…