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Research shows that women are just as likely as men to use and abuse opioids. However, women use them differently, react differently, and face unique challenges to addiction treatments. At CMAR, we recognize the differences in symptoms, needs, and recovery patterns between men and women, which is why we designed the women’s rehab program at our addiction treatment center.

Women are under incredible pressure to be the best at home and work. This pressure and the feelings of guilt that come from not being superhuman usually drive women towards substance abuse and eventual addiction. For others, stress, depression, anxiety, and past traumas are the precursors that lead to addiction.

How Our Women’s Rehab Program Can Help You

people at a women's rehab programAny treatment plan that produces lasting results must recognize the differences between men and women when it comes to substance use and addiction recovery. Even beyond that, the plan must address individual differences instead of implementing a one-size-fits-all program that barely addresses underlying triggers and hence does not produce lasting results.

At our women’s rehab program in Colorado, our staff has studied the unique needs and challenges of women looking for help to beat drug and substance abuse. Our individualized treatment programs’ best description is that they are holistic and integrated while tailored to meet individual care needs.

Our facilitators and staff members remain informed about the latest research on clinical rehabilitation and addiction support through our addiction treatment therapies to ensure long-term recovery even after you leave us.

One essential thing in the women’s rehab program is that we focus on understanding the underlying causes and triggers leading to addiction or substance abuse, e.g., co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our therapies to address these include:

At CMAR, we focus on dealing with the past while simultaneously enhancing the quality of day-to-day living for women struggling to beat addictions. We offer support to help you identify and break free of the triggers that lead to substance use and abuse, like trauma, destructive thought patterns, burnout, stress, and anxiety.

We teach you to identify self-sabotaging tendencies to make a complete turnaround and remain sober for the long term. The women’s rehab program focuses on creating a safe external space where women can share their struggles and find lasting help. We will respect your needs and boundaries, even as we work together to explore your addiction’s core causes.

An Environment that Fosters Healing

Our outpatient treatment program provides the environment you need to recover from your addiction. We offer both medication-assisted treatment programs and dual diagnosis treatment. With these, you can get the care you need with a range of exceptional opioid addiction treatment options. 

You will spend your time at our women’s rehab program in Colorado recovering from your addiction and mental health conditions. While you’re with us, you have permission to lay it all out. Bring out everything that gives you anxiety or dread. We will help you find healthy ways to cope before sending you out into the world.

Take your time to heal completely. When you’ve finished treatment, we will provide aftercare and case management. These tools can support your recovery outside of treatment. We have taken care to ensure you have the tools you need to recover from opioid addiction. 

Seek Healing today at CMAR

What are you fighting with today? Do you or your loved one need help to fight an opioid addiction due to trauma or mental illness? Contact CMAR today and let us help you get on the right path. Call us at 833.448.0127 for more information about how our women’s rehab program can help you.