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Most of the country’s focus these days is the opioid epidemic. However, alcohol addiction is still a severe problem in America. A growing number of Americans struggle every day with alcohol addiction. At the same time, you may often battle other substance abuse and mental health problems. When you are fighting to find a way to get clean and sober, it is all too easy to feel like you’re alone and beyond assistance. Once you find the right alcohol addiction treatment program at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, the truth is much more hopeful. Contact our team at 833.448.0127 to learn about our alcohol addiction treatment program.

What Are the Dangers of Addiction to Alcohol?

group at an alcohol addiction treatment programStudies have proven that the number of people drinking alcohol is on the rise. For example, in 2018, millions of Americans over the age of 18 said they’d engaged in binge drinking within the past month. In addition, many reported heavy alcohol usage in the past month.

When alcohol turns into something that you need to have to get through the day, you may be battling addiction. This condition can start to have several adverse outcomes. People under the spell of alcohol addiction face problems like:

  • Arguments with family members, friends, and coworkers over our drinking
  • Poor performance in our job duties
  • Unsafe decisions about sex, making us more likely to catch a sexually transmitted disease or suffer an unplanned pregnancy
  • Problems with pregnancy, including congenital disabilities and more subtle long-term issues in our babies
  • Alcohol-related health problems, including heart disease, brain damage, cirrhosis, and more
  • Impaired driving, leading to legal issues or even deadly automobile accidents

When a person is in the grip of an addiction to alcohol, getting help is crucial. That’s where a good alcohol addiction treatment program at CMAR turns into a lifeline.

What Types of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs Are There?

Alcohol addiction therapy at CMAR can take several forms. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, you learn how to change our stinking thinking. We help you transform those irrational, toxic, and harmful thoughts or perspectives into empowering and realistic ideas. You may need help making that happen.

Our addiction warps our perspective, so you create unhealthy ways of reacting to life’s curveballs. Through behavioral therapy, you can learn how to be more aware of your triggers and thoughts. You can then change those thinking patterns into more healthy options.

When someone is suffering and needs a good alcohol addiction treatment program, CMAR develops a treatment plan that includes one or more types of therapy. These will range from one-on-one counseling to programs that help clients recover mind, body, and soul. There are a variety of other treatment options beyond individual therapy, including:

Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Important?

CMAR also recognizes how essential a dual diagnosis program can be for any alcohol addiction treatment program. When a person is affected by both a mental health condition and an alcohol addiction, those co-occurring disorders will work together to make matters even worse than they’d be with just one or the other.

That mental health issue might also be the underlying cause of our addiction since we’ll often self-medicate with alcohol to feel better. The counselors at our mental health treatment center at CMAR are able to help and develop an alcohol addiction therapy program geared toward managing mental health and addiction.

Contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery

No matter how bleak your situation might seem, you don’t have to go it alone. Through a tailored alcohol addiction therapy program at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, you can find the sobriety you’ve been craving. Begin your journey to freedom with an alcohol addiction treatment program that works for you. Contact CMAR at 833.448.0127 or reach out through our website. We’ll help you free yourself from that addiction to alcohol.