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Making a life-altering change is hard, and when that change is fighting to break an addiction, it becomes even harder. However, at Colorado Medication-Assisted Recovery, we employ a host of methods to make the process easier. Our neurofeedback therapy program is one such method. It may sound tremendous and complicated, but it can make your recovery journey much easier and faster. Learn what neurofeedback therapy is, how it works, and how it can help you beat addiction by calling CMAR at 833.448.0127 today.

What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy is a form of biofeedback treatment method. It uses brain stimulation to act as a reward to the brain when the brainwaves stabilize. Addiction and mental illnesses like anxiety and depression interfere with your brain’s normal function, resulting in abnormal brain waves.

Through our neurofeedback therapy program in Colorado, we can stabilize or normalize your brainwaves to have fewer mental illness symptoms and addiction. Fewer symptoms translate to a better quality of life and improved physical health.

Substance abuse can damage the brain’s structure and chemistry, so you may need a neurofeedback therapy program to restore proper function. Addiction treatment therapies help your mind to reform its response patterns to normal life activities.

Our Neurofeedback Therapy Program

woman at a neurofeedback therapy programAt Colorado Medication-Assisted Recovery, we employ multi-faceted treatment plans to help your whole body to recover – mind, body, and soul. The process is straightforward:

You will engage in a simple activity – like watching a video, playing a game, completing a puzzle, or listening to audio. During the activity, we will monitor your brainwave speeds using special EEG sensors attached to your head. The EEG sensors send feedback to your brain to “show” the brain how to produce brain waves within normal ranges.

For example, if you’re watching a video, the EEG sensors monitor your brainwave activity and will not allow the video to continue until the brain performs normally. The back and forth feedback trains the brain to self-correct brainwave patterns to create structural changes that restore healthy function.

Improving brain structure and brainwave patterns will help to reduce the symptoms of addiction withdrawal and mental illnesses. After a while on the neurofeedback therapy program, you will notice a reduction in symptoms like aggression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADD, ADHD, panic attacks, migraines/headaches, insomnia and other sleep disorders, and traumatic brain injury, among others.

Neurofeedback therapy is not only for addiction or mental illness recovery at our mental health treatment center. Executives and athletes often use it to improve their sleeping patterns, enhance thought processing, and achieve greater adaptability for better performance.

Neurofeedback Therapy for Recovery at CMAR

We’ve based our neurofeedback therapy program in Colorado on researched and established scientific principles. If you’re struggling with substance abuse and addiction, your brainwaves trigger the desire to use or abuse mind-altering substances.

One typical pattern among people with addictions is their brainwave activity’s abnormal nature, even before the substance abuse. So in the beginning, the substance “normalized” brainwave activity, but later became harmful when overused because of addiction.

At CMAR, we combine our neurofeedback therapy programs with other treatments (we call this dual diagnosis) and therapies to address co-occurring disorders. Some of these include:

All these therapies work together to put you on the path to long-term recovery and behavioral changes.

Finding Addiction Recovery at CMAR 

If you need help to kick a substance abuse addiction, talk to us today to get started on a healing path. Call CMAR at 833.448.0127 to learn more about the neurofeedback therapy program and other treatments to help you heal. You deserve love and healing, and your loved ones deserve to have the real you back with them. Talk to us today.