Unfortunately, the opioid epidemic is a major problem in America. It is not uncommon to get trapped in a cycle of addiction that revolves around obtaining, using and recuperating from the use of opioids. For many of these people, there seems like there is very little help. Addiction is a chronic condition, which means that it will get worse without treatment. Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Thornton, CO, that can help you overcome your addiction. With the addiction treatment programs we offer, we can help you recover from opioid abuse. To learn more about our programs, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today.

Who Needs an Addiction Treatment Program? 

addiction treatment centerThere are many warning signs that signal you need help from a professional recovery program. If you find yourself in a cycle of compulsively taking a drug despite continued negative consequences in your life, you may struggle with addiction. There is hope, however, as addiction is widely understood to be a disease and mental health condition.

The following are the DSM criteria for a substance use disorder. If you feel as though you relate to any of these symptoms, you should reach out to a recovery center for help. The symptoms include:

  • When you use the substance, you use more or for longer than you intended to 
  • You want to cut down or end your use, but have been unable to do so
  • You’re spending a significant amount of your time getting, using, or recovering from using the drug
  • You get strong desires or cravings to use the drug
  • You have failed to fulfill responsibilities at home, work, or school due to using the drug
  • Your substance use causes or exacerbates your interpersonal or social problems
  • You’ve relinquished social, occupational, or recreational activities so that you have more time to use the substance
  • You use the substance in dangerous situations repeatedly
  • Though your substance use causes or worsens psychological or physical problems, you continue to use it
  • You have a tolerance to the drug, so you need more to get the same effect
  • You get withdrawal symptoms that only go away when you use the substance again

Why Choose Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery?

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, our addiction treatment center is unlike anything you will find elsewhere in the area. We offer an integrated, clinically driven healthcare program that specializes in remote and outpatient treatment for opioid addiction recovery. Our care model allows us to treat the multi-dimensional needs of the patient. These elements may include:

We also provide a caring and supportive recovery community for our patients. This network of support allows our patients to meet and interact with other people in recovery while also maintaining their other life commitments, such as employment, and family and social relationships.

Our opioid addiction treatment program includes a medical doctor who is a board-certified addiction specialist. Our team of addiction treatment experts includes therapists and counselors, all of whom can help you overcome your addiction. The expert clinical team at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery is committed to your long-term recovery.

Contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery

One thing that sets our Colorado addiction treatment program apart from others is our utilization of clinically driven, medication-assisted treatment. We offer a cutting edge medical program that uses Suboxone (buprenorphine) to quickly help you physically stabilize from your use of substances. To learn more about the programs we offer at our opioid addiction treatment center, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today at 833.448.0127.