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No two people are the same, and neither are peoples’ needs when it comes to beating their addiction. What brought us into addiction, why we’re trying to get clean now, our personalities, characters, affects, environments and biological predispositions all play a role in determining what we need to address, how we need to address it, and what sort of expertise will best meet those needs. At CMAR, we understand how unique and personal your recovery journey is, and are here to collaborate with you in developing the best possible recovery plan. Our range of addiction medicine services, addiction therapy services, case management, and other services are vast enough to meet even the most complex of circumstances.

Addiction Treatment Therapies in Colorado

addiction treatment therapies

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, one of our greatest differentiators is the breadth of our addiction treatment therapies, mental health therapies, and dual-diagnosis therapy. Through our outpatient addiction treatment program, we offer a wide range of addiction therapy programs in order to provide you with the tools you need to win the fight against your addiction! Some of our addiction therapy services are provided in an individual therapy setting. Here you’re working one-on-one with a therapist.

Our approach to individual therapy varies far beyond typical Cognitive Behavioral interventions. We certainly use Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, particularly to help patients break through unnecessary negative & circular thinking. Though this is a great tool, it’s also limiting. Without our other therapies like narrative therapy, positive psychology, cognitive processing, family systems therapies, and many others, we’re able to help you regain the healthiest version of your mind, body & spirit, both in terms of addiction and mental health concerns.

During individual therapy, you will develop and work through a treatment plan, designed by you and your therapist to meet your personal needs. Based on the specific area you’re working on, the style of therapy can change. Whether it’s narrative therapy, talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or dialectical behavioral therapy, we will meet you where you’re at and walk you through the difficult moments that have kept us from getting help in the past. We’ll support you as you face fears, process difficult emotions, learn to develop prosocial and healthy relationships in your family, and so much more.

Many of the addiction therapy program services at CMAR take place in a group therapy setting. Addiction Therapy in a group setting is hugely beneficial for recovering addicts in early addiction recovery, and the proof is in the research. Therapeutic groups enable us to process, offer feedback, grow, learn, connect, and find inspiration with others walking through the same difficult path you are! Group therapy offers an opportunity to develop meaningful, pro-social, recovery-oriented relationships, rather than the antisocial and unhealthy relationships we find ourselves in during addiction.  At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we’re proud of our vibrant recovery community. 

One great thing about our program is that our addiction therapies can cross between individual and group therapy. Take dialectical behavior therapy, or “DBT”. During some of our groups, our therapists provide education on this resourcing-based approach to cognitive-behavioral change. Here patients learn skills necessary to manage stress and emotional reactions. During individual therapy, you can practice these new tools as you process, prepare and begin to repair relationships addiction may have damaged, return to work, and so much more.

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While addiction treatment therapies are essential to the recovery process, our individual addiction counseling and group addiction counseling are just a portion of what we offer at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery. From clinical assessment specialists to family therapists and comprehensive case managers, to expert medical providers, a top-rate behavioral health pharmacy, and a fantastic medical support team, our clinical, medical, and ancillary support staff make up the most comprehensive addiction treatment team in the state. 90% of our staff carry Masters’s Degrees or Doctorates, they are all specialists in addiction treatment and mental health, and with nearly half our staff in recovery and the other half committed to addiction recovery treatment, we guarantee that our staff members take your addiction recovery as seriously as you do

addiction treatment therapies

As part of our commitment to your care, we also offer psychological testing that our team’s licensed psychologist can perform. Many treatment centers do not evaluate their patient’s mental and emotional needs. However, we want to ensure that you get the entire recovery experience that you deserve, so we make sure we identify every one of your needs. We look for mental health, behavioral health, cognitive, and medical health needs to make sure your treatment will give you the best possible chance for recovery.

Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery is a 100% outpatient facility. We recently renovated our facilities, building it with you, our patient, in mind. Our private space offers a boutique experience, which fully promotes your mind, body, and spirit’s recovery. In addition to our addiction treatment therapies, we provide opportunities for family and couples counseling. We also offer case management services to our patients. Furthermore, we offer Colorado’s most robust Medication Assisted Treatment and Pain Management Program. For our patients who decide to participate in medication-assisted treatment, you can rest assured, knowing that our induction protocols are state-of-the-art. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we provide comfort medications such as Lucemyra. Furthermore, because of our one-of-a-kind Medication-Assisted Treatment pharmacy, we are able to dose patients, we also use micro-dosing of Suboxone, which we carry on-site medications to ensure your comfort throughout the process. We provide access to immediate emergency medical care should an emergency arise. 

Today, you can put an end to your addiction. To learn more about our addiction therapy programs in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today at 833.448.0127.