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CMAR offers two general treatment tracks, an in-person outpatient drug addiction treatment program, and a remote drug addiction treatment option. Our remote track is a full-service, HIPAA-compliant telehealth treatment option, ensuring that you receive all of the addiction counseling and addiction medicine offered at our on-site location. This is Colorado’s first and only fully medically integrated addiction IOP, meaning that CMAR patients still receive Addiction therapy, Dual Diagnosis therapy from a licensed therapist that specializes in treating dual addiction and mental health disorders, Group Therapy, and Family Therapy provided by qualified and experienced therapists. However, patients also get daily access to a medical provider for primary care needs and addiction medicine needs such as Suboxone inductions and Suboxone management, psychiatric medicine needs, outpatient detox, Suboxone tapers, Sublocade injections, Vivitrol injections, and so much more! We also have clinical case managers who are experts in addiction and medical case management.

We also offer two specialty treatment programs: a Colorado medication-assisted treatment program for opiate addiction and a Colorado medication-assisted treatment program for alcoholism. Our opiate addiction program is Colorado’s only specialized opiate addiction IOP program to be integrated into a luxury Suboxone Clinic in Colorado. Our alcoholism rehab center is Colorado’s only specialized IOP program for alcohol that includes onsite addiction medicine, so our patients struggling with alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and other forms of unhealthy alcohol use have access to medication like Naltrexone and Vivitrol.

How are we able to provide more than anyone else, for less? It’s because CMAR is Colorado’s only licensed outpatient addiction treatment program to also carry the various licenses and certifications necessary to securely hold, prescribe, dispense and administer Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) medications like Suboxone, Vivitrol, Sublocade, Naltrexone, Subutex, and others.

Located just north of Denver and right off I-25, Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery is 5-10 minutes from nearly anywhere in the North Denver Metro area. In fact, we’re only 10 minutes from Downtown Denver, Arvada or Broomfield, and merely 5 minutes from NorthGlenn and Westminster.

If you, a patient, or a loved one is in need of opioid recovery, call today at 833.448.0127, or fill out the convenient and secure form above.

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