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Many cases of substance abuse and mental health condition stem from traumatic experiences in the person’s past. As a result, it is vital to seek a treatment program that offers trauma-informed care. Trauma-informed care is an approach that treatment specialists may use to address a multitude of conditions that arise from trauma. This model of care focuses on the person understanding the influence of traumatic experiences on their life. To learn more about the impact of a trauma-informed care treatment program in CO, contact the experts at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today.  

Why Choose a Trauma-Informed Care Treatment Program in CO?

trauma-informed careTrauma is a broad term that can address a wide range of circumstances. In general, the term refers to a deeply disturbing or distressing emotional experience. However, one person’s trauma doesn’t necessarily look like another’s. Your trauma may be rooted in physical, mental, or emotional abuse. Perhaps you’ve witnessed or experienced a shocking or negative experience. Some people are not even conscious of a traumatic experience. They’re experiencing emotional distress, but don’t understand the aftereffects. 

Whatever your trauma looks like, your brain will respond in specific ways, which leads to you continuing to experience the effects long after the event fades into memory. Severe traumas may trigger cognitive changes in the area of your brain that regulates your emotional responses, such as fear. As a result, you may find it challenging to control your reactions to triggers and other negative emotions. This reaction may have led you to use opioids, after which addiction quickly followed. 

Advantages of Trauma-Informed Care

One of the significant advantages of a trauma-informed care treatment program in CO is that we ensure that our treatment environment and services feel inclusive and safe for each individual. We’ll help you come to terms with your trauma and assist you through the first steps of the healing process. 

There are many advantages to seeking. For instance, you’re able to create opportunities where you have the power and control, as well as choices; these can help you improve your self-efficacy and take back your agency. These openings also reduce the likelihood that you will face the same trauma again later in life. 

We know that treatments are infinitely more effective when you receive care that addresses your unique needs. As such, cookie-cutter treatments are unreliable at best and can lead to the patient relapsing and requiring more intensive treatment down the line. However, with the help of trauma-informed care, we also improve the quality of our treatments. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we ensure that your treatment plan addresses your individual needs. As part of your treatment program, we may use therapies such as: 

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Your addiction treatment program doesn’t just address the pain that addiction has caused. We dive deeper, uncovering the hurt and injury that caused the addiction in the first place. That’s what makes a trauma-informed care treatment program in CO so vital. With the help of exceptional treatment and clinical staff, we can help you address your past so you can move into the future.  

In addition to this program, our medication-assisted treatment program is unparalleled in the state of Colorado. We use a wide range of medicines to ensure that your recovery is comfortable as you tackle the issues surrounding your addiction. The combined result of our medication-assisted treatment and trauma-informed care is that many people in our programs maintain their sobriety in the long run. To learn more about the advantages of our trauma-informed care treatment program in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery at 833.448.0127