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Our Mission

CMAR’s mission is to empower its patients to achieve comprehensive recovery, through recovery-oriented MAT care.

Choosing to get help for a substance use disorder can be challenging. However, it’s necessary for anyone suffering from an addiction to alcohol, opioids, benzos, or other substances. Whether this is your first time seeking addiction treatment or you have already gone through drug treatment programs in the past, we can help. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we meet our patients where they are, whether they’ve been through treatment and need extra help or are taking the first step on the road to recovery.

At CMAR, we offer online rehab and outpatient addiction treatment programs in Thornton, CO. This discreet approach to treatment can provide the support you need to maintain recovery long-term. Along with treating addictions through personalized therapy and a scientific, medication-assisted approach, we treat co-occurring mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. To get started on your long-term recovery or to learn more about our addiction treatment options, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today.

About Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery

about colorado medication assisted recovery

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we specialize in local and affordable outpatient addiction treatment for adults suffering from substance abuse. We use innovative and integrated care models, fueled by evidence-based practice. We combine behavioral and medical healthcare services, along with peer support, into a single program that addresses all of your needs. Our model of care integrates a wide range of approaches, including:

  • Clinical services including individual, group, and family therapy
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs that utilizes medications such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone,
  • Behavioral health, mental health, and psychiatric assessments with ongoing psychological services
  • Recovery support services
  • Family and patient education services

As opposed to residential or inpatient treatment modalities where the individual lives at a drug addiction rehabilitation center for weeks or months, CMAR’s approach is based in the patient’s community. This allows those in recovery to live at home and continue taking care of responsibilities such as work or caring for a family (we do coordinate structured housing for those who need it). Furthermore, CMAR’s online addiction treatment program is available to anyone, anywhere in the state of Colorado. Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery is the only program of its kind in Colorado. 

CMAR offers a private clinically-driven MAT program to people who are trying to break free from opioid and/or alcohol addiction. Our high-end in-person Suboxone and Vivitrol clinic provides support for those struggling with alcohol addiction, opioid addiction, stimulant addiction, and other substance use disorders. Unlike other programs, you do not have to leave home for days, weeks, or months at a time. And with our remote addiction treatment program, you don’t have to leave at all. With our treatment programs, your treatment is on your schedule, and long-term recovery is possible. 

Opioid Addiction Treatment

If you are looking for opioid addiction treatment, you will find several different options available. These include:

  • Office-based opioid treatment (OBOT)
  • Opioid treatment program (OTP)
  • Detox
  • Rehab, residential treatment, or inpatient treatment

Our hybrid opioid treatment program and office-based opioid addiction treatment program offer on-site FDA-approved medications to treat opioid use. Our program utilizes buprenorphine, naltrexone, and/or buprenorphine with naloxone (Suboxone) to address opioid use disorder. We administer these medications on-site or prescribe them as take-home prescriptions when appropriate. Vivitrol and Sublocade are injectable medications that we carry and administer on-site as well.

Unlike traditional outpatient programs, behavioral health and psychological treatments aren’t required for a program to offer office-based treatment. However, at CMAR, we do offer behavioral health. Our dual diagnosis treatment program enables our patients to manage their addiction and any co-occurring mental health conditions.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is one of the leading substance use disorders in the United States. Unfortunately, many people who are battling an addiction to alcohol don’t seek treatment. With the help of Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery’s alcohol addiction treatment program in Thornton, CO, however, you can achieve long-term recovery and learn how to combat life’s stresses without drinking. Our program offers medication-assisted treatment alongside traditional treatment options to offer our patients the most effective treatment option for their addiction. Medication-assisted treatment has been proven to effectively treat alcoholism through medications such as naltrexone and Vivitrol. 

Why Should I Choose Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery?

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we take the best parts of office-based outpatient treatment and unify them with our outpatient addiction treatment programs. Our medically integrated intensive outpatient programs, combined with our comprehensive outpatient dual diagnosis treatment, can significantly improve your life. Furthermore, we promote comprehensive treatment to ensure our patients’ overall health, well-being, and recovery.

Now that you know a little more about Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, you may still be asking, “Why should I choose this program?” The simple answer is that we are the only private, fully integrated outpatient program of our kind in the state of Colorado. We are also the only private rehab in Colorado with specialized opioid addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment tracks. Our treatment experts are not just licensed providers with years of experience, but they’ve also walked down these roads and understand recovery from personal experience. We also have a psychologist on our staff to help with psychological testing to verify diagnoses and help you determine if you need dual diagnosis treatment. 

about colorado medication assisted recovery

Moreover, we work actively to develop a community of people in recovery. We offer a variety of services and organize events that include:

In other programs, you may feel alone or like you’re just a number. At CMAR, though, you’ll be recovering with peers, yet receive a truly individualized experience. We offer you a world of support and accountability, which can be essential for your long-term recovery, and you’ll have access to our support system for the rest of your life, should you need it. We are also part of the national addiction treatment alumni program, which offers you more opportunities to network and connect with others in recovery. Each person in our community is equipped with the care and support they need.

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