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For people with opioid addictions, the best and most comfortable way to manage withdrawal symptoms is with medication-assisted treatment, otherwise known as MAT. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, our buprenorphine treatment program is highly effective in treating opioid addiction. To learn more about our medication-assisted addiction treatment center in Thornton, CO, contact CMAR today. 

Colorado’s Buprenorphine Treatment Program

Buprenorphine TreatmentThe effects of opioid withdrawal can be challenging for many people to overcome. Opioid withdrawal symptoms vary based on a variety of factors, including how long the person has been taking the drug and how much they have been taking each use. Some symptoms of opioid withdrawal include: 

  • Muscle aches
  • Restlessness and the inability to sleep
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea 
  • Trembling/shakiness

Without the help of medication and due to the often uncomfortable nature of withdrawal, it is easy for someone to go back to using opioids. This relapse is very dangerous, as people are far more likely to overdose on opioids after withdrawal. They think that they need to take more of the substance to make the symptoms go away, and, consequently, take too much. Using buprenorphine, however, we can minimize the symptoms of opioid withdrawal by slowly tapering patients off the drug. 

Buprenorphine is strictly regulated by the FDA. Experts designed this drug to help make the symptoms of an opioid withdrawal more manageable. Alongside other treatments, such as psychotherapy, this medication gives you a safe and comfortable option for your recovery. 

Many people believe that by using buprenorphine in addiction treatment, one addiction is being replaced for another. Unlike other medications, though, buprenorphine does not cause a psychological dependency. While you may be physically reliant on buprenorphine for a time, this does not create an addiction. Buprenorphine does not create an addiction; it treats one. 

A buprenorphine treatment program has another advantage over an abstinence-based treatment program. While abstinence programs have some success for some people, it is not necessarily the right option for everyone. Each person has different needs and experiences when it comes to their addiction, therefore, their addiction treatment and recovery also need to be unique. It is critical that an addiction treatment center offers a range of treatment options and tailor treatment plans to the individual’s unique needs.  

Treatment Options at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery

In addition to our buprenorphine treatment program, we also offer a wide range of addiction therapy programs. These programs are essential to the long-term recovery process. Our therapy programs give patients the opportunity to look at their addiction from a new angle and allow them to create coping mechanisms that address their unique needs. 

For example, one program that many of our patients find particularly useful is cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT allows those recovering from opioid addiction to analyze their thoughts and beliefs, and see how these influence their actions. This ability to step back and reflect can help patients end their negative behaviors and create new healthy ones. 

Additionally, we know that addiction can be isolating and lonely. That is why at CMAR, we encourage our patients to engage in our supportive, recovery-oriented community. We offer training, events, group therapy programs, and outings, all designed to help you connect with other people in recovery. 

Contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery

At CMAR, we are committed to your sobriety. We believe that recovery is more than just medication, it’s a personal process of incremental change. When you enroll in our buprenorphine treatment program, you make that commitment. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs in Thornton, CO, contact us today at 833.448.0127