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depression treatment programDepression is one of the most common mental health conditions in America. According to the United States government, 17.3 million adults struggle with depression. This condition is a mood disorder, which can significantly impact how you feel, behave, and think. Depression can be debilitating, so it is essential to seek the appropriate depression treatment program as soon as possible. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, our treatment options can provide you with the opportunity to improve your mental and physical health through our exceptional treatment program. In addition, our licensed psychologist can determine whether you need depression treatment or if other mental health treatment programs would better suit your needs. To learn more about our depression treatment program in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today. 

Who Needs a Depression Treatment Program?

There are various kinds of depression, and the cause of your condition may have an impact on your symptoms. It will also determine the treatment our mental health professionals will recommend. Factors that influence your condition can include a family history of the disease, your brain structure, early childhood trauma, medical conditions, and medications or substances you’re using. 

In addition to the factors that influence depression, it is also essential to recognize the symptoms of depression. The signs of depression include:

  • Feeling sad or hopeless
  • Outbursts of anger and frustration
  • A loss of interest in routine activities
  • Changes to your sleep and appetite
  • Feeling anxious or restless

One of the most common types of depression is major depressive disorder. Feelings of hopelessness and sadness mark this condition. Some people also see thoughts of suicide. This condition usually includes five or more symptoms of depression that appear over the course of two weeks. Other types of depression may be milder. However, whatever type of depression you have, it is essential to seek out a depression treatment program or a telehealth treatment program.

Successful Depression Treatment in Colorado

An effective depression treatment program will address your unique condition. The team of mental health professionals will evaluate your needs and create a treatment program that will address the issues you’re seeing. 

Many times, mental health professionals use medications as part of an effective treatment program. These medications may include antidepressants, antianxiety, and antipsychotic medications. While not every person in treatment takes medicine to relieve the symptoms, many find that they can provide relief. 

Your depression treatment program in CO will also include therapy sessions with one of our licensed therapists. These sessions can help you create coping mechanisms to rely on when depression symptoms seem overwhelming. For instance, cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy can impact your ability to evaluate your thoughts and feelings. These therapies may also be helpful for those who have struggled with trauma in their past. 

Contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery Today

At our depression treatment program in CO, we provide treatment options to address your needs. We also offer individual therapy that will allow you to meet one-on-one time with one of our treatment professionals. Then, we can discuss the challenges you’re facing in your day to day life. Then we can help you come up with solutions to those challenges. We also provide group therapy. This treatment can help you build relapse-prevention skills. It also allows you to improve your communication skills. 

Many people who struggle with depression also are fighting addiction. Therefore, at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we can give you depression treatment in conjunction with dual diagnosis treatment. We use this treatment to address both addiction and mental health conditions.

To learn more about our depression treatment program in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today at 833.448.0127.