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Getting ready to leave a rehab program can feel intimidating. You may think you now have to face life’s triggers, challenges, and stress without the support you received in treatment. You wonder if you’re ready to manage your addiction on your own. Fortunately, this is not a concern you have to worry about at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery. With our case management program, we give you the assistance and support you need, allowing you to rely on a tried-and-true recovery foundation. This support can help you reach your goals. To learn more about the advantages of case management in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today.

What is Case Management, and How Does It Affect Your Recovery?

Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery’s case management program assists you in maintaining your recovery throughout different stages of treatment. Your case manager will be a reliable supporter, liaison, and advocate, all at once. They may help you find additional therapies and recovery programs to allow you to continue healing. They may also assist you in finding a 12 step program or 12 step alternative to help you maintain your progress.

Through case management in CO, you are able to turn to a single individual for many of your needs in the early days of recovery. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or stressed out with fears of relapse. Our case management program engages both you and your family, giving you further opportunities for healing.

A case manager at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery has exceptional training in treating addiction and encouraging recovery. As such, your case management program fills your needs and helps you manage coordinated services, such as:

a man and therapist discuss the case management program in co

  • Life and recovery coaching
  • Planning for individual recovery
  • Engaging the family
  • Drug/alcohol testing for accountability
  • Providing intervention and emergency support
  • Providing relapse prevention counseling

Case management also allows you to connect with the recovery services in your community, like therapy, treatment, recovery support groups, medical care, and community services. They strive to help you achieve a long-lasting recovery. Moreover, with the care that they coordinate for you, and a clear plan for improvement, you will have less stress. Less stress, in turn, can lead to long-lasting recovery.

Peer Support and Its Importance

When you seek treatment for addiction, getting support from the people around you is essential. With the help of our peer support groups and peer recovery, we provide that assistance. These groups are viral due to the fact that they are constant as you move from one area of life to the next. When you create personal relationships with other people in recovery, there are a range of benefits, including:

  • Learning from other peoples’ experiences
  • Talking out issues, such as facing triggers
  • Allowing other people to learn from you
  • No judgment from the people around you
  • Continuous accountability and support

Why Seek Treatment at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery

You are utterly unique. Your life isn’t like anyone else’s; you have your own family history, background, experiences, and goals. As a result, you need unique support. You need to find someone who can help you come up with ways to handle your triggers and temptations as you return to daily life.

Individualized treatment at a Colorado treatment center is an essential part of the process. Cookie-cutter treatments might have been the norm in the past. However, now we know that we need to treat every person as the individual that they are. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we ensure that each person gets the treatment that addresses their unique needs at our addiction treatment center in Thornton, CO.

For instance, for those who need to repair the relationships with their family, family therapy is an excellent option. This approach involves the members of the family in your treatment and allows you to address problems that you might not have noticed in the past. In addition to family therapy, we also offer other addiction treatment therapies such as:

Case management is a vital part of individualized treatment. It allows you to receive tools that you can use in daily life and gives you support and encouragement to stay sober. To learn more about the benefits of case management in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today at 833.448.0127.