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Dialectical behavior therapy program (DBT) is a sub-category of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy focuses on identifying and changing your negative thinking by making you adopt positive behavioral perspectives. At CMAR, our therapists use behavioral therapy in the treatment of destructive and suicidal behaviors. Our DBT program in CO equips you with coping skills to make the right decisions when facing drastic changes or life-threatening practices.

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we know that you need many tools and skills to overcome substance abuse. Fortunately, we can help you gain those tools and skills, using dialectical behavior therapy and other therapeutic options. We also provide a range of medication-assisted treatment options to help you overcome opioid addiction. To learn more about how DBT can help you put an end to your addiction, contact CMAR today at 833.448.0127.

How Does Dialectical Behavior Therapy Work?

woman at a dialectical behavior therapy programA standard behavioral therapy program consists of several parts, including an individual therapy program, group skills training, and phone coaching when a crisis arises during sessions.

During individual therapy, you will interact with a professional healthcare provider to learn desirable behaviors and skills. When you incorporate the new capabilities into your life, you will experience a positive impact.

For a group therapy program setting, the participants undertake different homework that a therapist assigns to acquire new skills. They also role-play new methods of social interaction.

Phone coaching allows you to contact our therapist amid sessions for further guidance on coping skills. Participants make such calls when they encounter an overwhelming situation that requires our therapist’s intervention.

Strategies Used in Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy program comes from reconciling two opposites – acceptance and change – to make the best of your behavior. During therapy, we achieve our objective by acknowledging your feelings and experiences. We then help you realize that you can manage to get past your negativities by taking a positive perspective.

After you join our DBT program at our addiction treatment center in CO, you will learn the core strategies that will help you change your behavior.

Core Mindfulness

It is among the essential strategies because it encourages you to dwell on the present. It enhances your perception of the things presently going on around you in a non-judgmental and objective manner. This technique reduces the tendency to overreact and equips you with crucial coping skills, especially in painful and emotionally demanding situations.

Tolerance of Distress

The strategy helps you accept the present situation and the realities around your life, thus strengthening your ability to survive in an emotional crisis. Tolerance equips you with four techniques of dealing with distress, which include:

  • Distraction
  • Self-comfort
  • Getting the best from the moment
  • Gaining insight into the strengths and limitations of failing to tolerate pain.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Through interpersonal effectiveness, you learn to take stands and remain principled in relationships. You learn to say no or yes, depending on the situation. Therefore, you strike a balance in your relationships by effectively communicating your feelings while respecting yourself and other people’s rights.

Emotional Regulation

A dialectical behavior therapy program equips you with the right skills to remain stable when facing overwhelming emotions. You learn to identify negative feelings and change them for a positive lifestyle, becoming less vulnerable emotionally.

For effective emotional regulation, our therapists will offer you access to different addiction treatment therapies, including:

Contact CMAR for Customized DBT

If you are struggling with substance use or mental health disorders, reach out to CMAR today to start the dialectical behavior therapy program for a full recovery. We are ready to get you started on treatment. Contact CMAR at 833.448.0127 for more details.