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Psychologists and other scholars have conducted over a thousand studies to establish the effectiveness of therapy programs in treating mental conditions and substance use disorders. Therapists and rehab facilities often use the cognitive-behavioral therapy program because of its effectiveness. At the Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery (CMAR), we combine the program and other therapies to help our clients regain their health lives. To learn more about our therapy programs, contact the experts at CMAR today by calling us at 833.448.0127.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program CO

patient getting help at a cognitive-behavioral therapy programTherapists use behavioral therapy to help their clients learn how to transform irrational, toxic, and harmful thoughts or perspectives into realistic and empowering ideas. Some of these behavioral patterns may have directly led to your opioid abuse. In addition, therapists can use addiction treatment therapy to nurture coping skills that replace dangerous habits.

Once you are dependent on substances, your perception changes, and you develop unhealthy mechanisms of reacting towards situations. Behavioral therapy empowers you to become conscious of your thoughts and triggers you to take active measures to change. As a result, cognitive-behavioral therapy programs are ideal for those battling addiction.

Our cognitive-behavioral therapy program helps you to focus on solutions after identifying the harmful aspects of your behavior. The treatment strategy enables you to turn negative thoughts, actions, and dysfunctional emotions into happiness. As such, you learn to confront the realities of your problems instead of adopting defense mechanisms to continue practicing unhealthy habits. Our CBT program in CO focuses on helping you to understand yourself.

Benefits of Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is an essential mental health treatment program. It is useful in assisting our clients in identifying and transforming any distorted perspectives surrounding their problems. The program reshapes your thoughts and enables you to think straight, even when undergoing challenging life moments.

There are many benefits to enjoy, including:

  • Improved relationships with colleagues, peers, family members, and friends
  • Enhanced coping mechanisms in distressing situations, such as grief and loss
  • Controlled anger, depression, and physical aggressiveness
  • Improved ability to manage chronic pain
  • Prevention of relapse

Steps Therapists Apply in Behavioral Therapy

There are four steps in the cognitive-behavioral therapy program. First, you identify problems or troubling situations in your life. In the second step, you become conscious of the emotions, beliefs, and thoughts that control your behaviors. Next, you single out the negative emotions and finally embark on reshaping the negative thoughts into rational thoughts. Our CBT program in CO can offer useful guidance on how to handle toxic thoughts.

Why Choose Our CBT Program?

Since our establishment, the Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery has been a strong mental and addiction treatment center. Our facility’s programs are tailored to accord our clients the best treatment according to their needs, thus propelling them towards permanent recovery.

Upon contacting us, our therapists will answer all your questions and schedule a one-on-one meeting at the time that suits you. After the assessment, we will offer a range of therapies because we understand that people have diverse needs. We aim to walk the path with you and help you to recover fully.

For a holistic approach, we offer a variety of treatment options, including:

Contact CMAR to Get Started

Millions of Americans have various mental conditions, and more battle substance abuse and addiction. At CMAR, we understand that the cognitive-behavioral therapy program is an essential aspect of mental health and substance use disorders treatment. Contact CMAR today at 833.448.0127 to embark on a successful recovery journey.