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woman in blue sweater talks with therapist in an anxiety treatment programOn the journey to recovery from addiction, many of our patients discover that mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are part of their story. Working through these challenges is key to long-term recovery. Our addiction treatment programs feature care for co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety in order to help our patients build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Anxiety treatment can help you build the skills you need to manage your anxiety symptoms so that you can focus on your recovery. Our center offers a specialized anxiety treatment program designed to help patients overcome their struggles with both mental health and addiction. This program is guided by experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing compassionate, evidence-based care.

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Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety and addiction can often interact in harmful ways, creating a cycle that is difficult to break. Someone may turn to substances as a way to cope with the symptoms of anxiety. This self-medication can sometimes lead to dependency and addiction, causing a new set of problems. For example, a person suffering from social anxiety might use alcohol to feel more comfortable in social situations. Over time, they may find it increasingly difficult to socialize without drinking, leading to alcohol addiction.

On the other side of the equation, addiction can also exacerbate anxiety symptoms. As the individual becomes reliant on a substance, the periods without it can intensify anxiety and stress levels. The fear of not having access to the substance, coupled with the physiological effects of withdrawal, can greatly increase feelings of anxiety.

One common myth about anxiety is that it can be cured simply by changing one’s thinking or mindset. However, the reality is that anxiety disorders are complex and require professional treatment. Without proper care, anxiety can continue to impact an individual’s life and possibly even lead to relapse.

Signs You’d Benefit from Anxiety Treatment

If you’re struggling with anxiety, it’s important to seek help and support. Our anxiety treatment program can benefit those who experience symptoms such as:

  • Constant worry or fear about everyday activities
  • Panic attacks or intense periods of fear
  • Difficulty controlling anxious thoughts or feelings
  • Avoidance of certain situations or places due to fear
  • Physical symptoms like restlessness, rapid heart rate, or difficulty breathing

While experiencing these symptoms does not necessarily mean you have an anxiety disorder, seeking professional help can provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

How Anxiety Treatment Can Support Addiction Recovery

Our anxiety treatment program plays a pivotal role in supporting addiction recovery by addressing the root causes of anxiety and teaching effective coping mechanisms. This approach enables patients to better handle stressful situations and anxiety triggers without turning to substance use as a coping mechanism.

First and foremost, treating anxiety can decrease the likelihood of relapse. Individuals with untreated anxiety often resort to substance use as a form of self-medication. However, when anxiety is effectively managed through professional therapy, the need for self-medication diminishes, reducing the risk of relapse.

The therapy sessions in our anxiety program are centered around cognitive-behavioral techniques. These methods help you identify and change negative thought patterns that lead to anxious feelings, empowering you to respond more effectively to stress and anxiety-inducing situations. By understanding your triggers and learning healthier coping strategies, you can better manage your anxiety symptoms and decrease your reliance on substances for dealing with stress.

Finally, our anxiety treatment program promotes the development of essential life skills such as problem-solving, emotional regulation, and interpersonal skills. By building these skills, patients can develop a strong foundation for long-term recovery and improved mental health.

What to Expect in Our Anxiety Treatment Program

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, our anxiety treatment program is tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Our experienced professionals will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses your unique challenges and goals.

Some of the therapies that may be included in your treatment plan include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – This therapy helps you identify and change negative thought patterns that contribute to anxiety.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – This approach teaches skills for managing emotions, interpersonal relationships, and distress tolerance.
  • Family therapy – We understand the importance of family support in recovery and offer sessions to help repair relationships and build a strong support system.
  • Group therapy – Our group therapy sessions provide an opportunity for you to connect with others who are also working through anxiety and addiction.

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment where you can explore your emotions, learn new coping skills, and develop a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Our compassionate team is dedicated to helping you overcome your struggles with anxiety and addiction and live a fulfilling, sober life.

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If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety and addiction, know that help is available. Our anxiety treatment program at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery can provide the support and tools you need to overcome these challenges and achieve lasting recovery. Don’t let anxiety hold you back from living your best life. Call us today at 833.448.0127 or contact CMAR online to learn more about our program and how we can help you on your journey to healing. Remember, you don’t have to face this alone—we’re here for you every step of the way.