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individual therapy programColorado Medication Assisted Recovery provides personalized outpatient addiction treatment programs for our patients, based on their personal needs. This is particularly true in the individual addiction therapy portion of our addiction treatment program. Individual therapy is one of the most effective drug addiction treatment approaches. This is because it offers patients a safe space where they can emotionally stabilize, develop a trusting relationship, learn effective coping strategies, come to terms with their past, process pain & mourn the losses they couldn’t feel during their active addiction, generally heal, and ultimately chart a path forward to avoid relapse.

Individual therapy to treat addiction is an opportunity to create a collaborative environment where a patient and an addiction and/or mental health professional can work together to heal and to grow. In this environment, patients identify core fears, underlying issues & co-occurring mental health disorders, process emotions, & plan to address triggers using skills developed in session. For those reasons and countless others, addiction therapy at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery is a core element of our addiction treatment in CO. What’s more, we offer remote addiction therapy with our expert telehealth addiction therapists in our online rehab program in Colorado. So whether you need addiction counseling in Denver, addiction counseling in Thornton, addiction therapy in metro Denver, an addiction therapist in the Western Slope of Colorado, or somewhere else, we have services to meet your needs.

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we provide a broad array of addiction therapy models as part of our comprehensive drug addiction treatment program. Your therapy may include both psychodynamic (process) therapy for addiction (with or without co-occurring mental health disorders) or behavioral therapy for addiction (with or without co-occurring mental health disorders). We offer this range of addiction therapy approaches because it ensures the most personalized, effective, and sustainable addiction recovery. To discover more about the individual therapy program in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today.

What Individual Therapy Approaches Are There?

When it comes to individual therapy, there are myriad approaches to treat both mental health concerns & and drug addiction treatment needs. Below is an overview of some of our most commonly used addiction therapies.

Motivational Interviewing: One approach that we typically use with less motivated or resistant patients is Motivational Interviewing. Motivational Interviewing, or MI, is a fantastic way to help an individual come to realizations on their own, and work through ambivalence. Here a therapist will typically work with you to identify any resistance or fear you may harbor about ending your addiction. Once identified, your therapist can work with you to identify what’s preventing you from committing to change, and help you start the change process at your speed. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Another common individual therapy approach we employ at CMAR is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. This treatment focuses not on one’s past or processing emotions, but rather on the present moment. Here a patient will identify negative or just unhelpful thoughts or beliefs that influence actions or behaviors. Once identified, the patient has the opportunity to identify positive, proactive, and prosocial thoughts to replace them, and with a therapist’s guidance and direction do just that.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Otherwise known as DBT, this is a cognitive behavioral therapy that takes a more systematic and involved approach than classic CBT. With DBT, the process begins on the identification of triggers, negative thoughts and behaviors. Next, a series of skills are taught by the therapist and practiced in and out of session. Once skills have been learned, the patient starts to apply the skills to triggers. These skills provide the patient with a distraction, a redirection, an opportunity to find acceptance, and so on. After these skills have been learned, the patient can start to apply them to negative behaviors or thoughts so that when they arise they can shift their focus or action with something healthy! DBT is incredibly helpful at rebuilding broken relationships and maintaining healthy relationships in all areas of life.

Family Systems Therapy: Family systems therapy is a type of psychotherapy, which supports the resolution of conflicts and other problems within a family or “family system”. Since each member of a family contributes in some way to the dynamics within the family, the resolution of a dysfunctional family system enables the family to function in a healthy or more healthy manner.

Psychodynamic Therapy: Psychodynamic Therapy or “insight-oriented therapy”, centers on the subconscious or unconscious thoughts, manifested within an individual’s current actions and behaviors. The intention in psychodynamic therapy is to help the patient improve their self-awareness, and their knowledge of the impact that past and present behavior has.

Again, the descriptions above represent a small percent of the individual addiction interventions and therapy approaches we offer at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery. All of these services ultimately have the same goals: to help you heal, recover, love yourself, learn coping and resolution skills, and build a sustainable and clean future for yourself and your family. . 

Individual Therapy as Part of an Outpatient Treatment Program

A local addiction therapy program in CO is nearly always critical to successful addiction recovery, and is, therefore, a standard element of any outpatient addiction treatment program. During outpatient treatment for addiction, you spend several hours a week at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, either in person or remotely. Therefore, the rest of the time is your time. We are literally designed for people who work and need addiction treatment, for parents who need addiction treatment, and other busy Coloradans who can’t take weeks away from their daily lives to get clean.  At CMAR you heal, recover, grow, and gain critical tools and essential skills to manage cravings through our individual drug counseling. But that’s just a small part of a much larger program.

We ensure that each part of our individual therapy program in CO helps you transition from substance abuse to recovery. Your therapist will meet with you to discuss your addiction, any underlying mental disorders, and the treatment options. It’s critical to ask any questions you might have as we create the best possible treatment plan for your unique needs. 

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At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we know how challenging it can be to overcome addiction. But, with the help of our highly skilled clinicians that run our individual addiction therapy in CO, it is possible. We work with you to design your treatment plan so it specifically meets your needs. Moreover, we ensure that you feel connected to the Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery community through free events, outings, and training. Between group therapy, individual therapy, case management, and unrivaled medical services, we’ll get you where you need to go to get and remain sober.

The time to end your addiction is now. To learn more about our individual therapy program in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today at 833.448.0127