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individual therapy programWhen it comes to addiction treatment, one of the most effective treatment approaches is to create a collaborative environment where a patient and mental health professional can work together one-on-one. In this environment, you can identify the problems you’re having and find solutions for them. This element is one of the core parts of our individual therapy program in CO. 

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we provide comprehensive therapy options for addiction. Your treatment may include both evidence-based and holistic treatments. When you work with us, we guide you through the recovery process and provide you with the highest level of care possible. We do all of this to promote lifelong sobriety sustainably. To find out more about the individual therapy program in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today.

What Individual Therapy Approaches Are There?

When it comes to individual therapy, there are a wide variety of approaches for both mental health treatment and addiction treatment. One option that many people use is motivational interviewing. During this program, your therapist works with you to identify any ambivalence you may harbor about ending your addiction. Once identified, you can then work out what is preventing you from getting help. As a result of this therapy, you’re more likely to complete your rehab program. 

Another common individual therapy program we provide is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. This treatment allows you to identify your negative beliefs or thoughts which influence your behavior. By working with a therapist, you can learn to distance yourself from these negative thoughts and create positive beliefs to take their places. 

Dialectical behavior therapy, otherwise known as DBT, is an off-shoot of cognitive-behavioral therapy. During this therapy, you can develop skills to cope with your emotions and manage stress. Moreover, it can also help you maintain healthy relationships and repair relationships that addiction has damaged. 

These are only a few of the helpful individual therapy programs we offer at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery. All of these programs focus on one aspect: your healing. Because a therapist is an impartial viewer, they have the opportunity to look at your challenges from the outside. Then, they can make suggestions that you may not have thought of on your own. 

Individual Therapy as Part of an Outpatient Treatment Program

An individual therapy program in CO can be critical to a successful outpatient treatment program. During outpatient treatment, you spend a few hours each week at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery. However, the rest of the time, you are at home. You have to learn helpful tools and skills to manage your cravings through an individual therapy program in order to be successful. Otherwise, you may fall back into addiction. 

We ensure that each part of our individual therapy program in CO helps you transition from substance abuse to recovery. Your therapist will meet with you to discuss your addiction, any underlying mental disorders, and the treatment options. It’s critical to ask any questions you might have as we create the best possible treatment plan for your unique needs. 

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At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we know how challenging it can be to escape addiction. However, with the help of skilled clinicians and an individual therapy program in CO, it is possible. We design our treatment plan specifically with you in mind, so that you get the care and attention you need. Moreover, we ensure that you feel connected to the Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery community through events, outings, and training. 

The time to end your addiction is now. To learn more about our individual therapy program in CO, contact Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery today at 833.448.0127