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Addiction tends to be an incredibly isolating disease. Many who struggle with opioid abuse or addiction slowly close their connections with others and shut their loved ones out of their lives. Sometimes, this is not by choice; maybe your loved ones have refused to get hurt by the negative behaviors that appear during addiction. Alternatively, perhaps you are ashamed of your addiction and shut everyone else out so that you don’t have to face them. Whatever is the case for you, getting treatment for your opioid addiction means opening up to relationships again, particularly family relationships. A family therapy program, such as the one at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, can help you repair the damage addiction caused to your family. As a result, you can strengthen and renew your support network. To learn more about opioid addiction treatment, contact us today. 

Why Choose Family Therapy? 

family therapy program coAn exceptional family therapy program is an effective way of rebuilding relationships that addiction, stress, and conflict has weakened. A high-quality opioid addiction treatment program may recommend this treatment as part of your addiction treatment program. Our addiction treatment therapy professionals specialize in helping families who have been affected by addiction. 

There are many advantages to attending a family therapy program in CO. For instance, you learn new ways to communicate with your loved ones. In many cases, you may have started abusing opioids in order to escape feelings of guilt or embarrassment that your family members caused. We’ll help you talk to your family members about the causes behind your opioid use. Then, we can help you create new ways of communicating with your family members. 

In addition, due to a family therapy program, you can understand healthy boundaries and dynamics. In some instances, your opioid addiction may have led to a codependent relationship with your loved ones. Signs of a codependent relationship include: 

  • Low self-esteem
  • The need to please others
  • Poor boundaries relating to the person’s body, money, or belongings
  • Reacting to the thoughts and feelings of other people
  • Lack of self-care
  • Acting controlling or needing to control some aspect of life. 
  • Struggling with dysfunctional communication
  • Obsessing over the relationship, fears, and anxieties
  • Needing someone to like you

With a family therapy program, we can identify codependent relationships in your life. Then, we can help you create coping mechanisms to help you or your loved ones escape these unhealthy relationships. As a result, the relationships in your life can be healthier and more robust. 

Why Choose Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery?

At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we’re committed to your long term recovery, and we know that cookie-cutter treatments aren’t effective in treating every individual. For that reason, we don’t do them. We create a unique treatment plan for every individual who comes to Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery. As a result, family therapy programs may be part of your individualized treatment plan, or it may not. It depends on your unique needs. 

Subsequently, we provide many evidence-based therapy options in addition to our family therapy program. Evidence-based treatments are treatments that addiction specialists have studied and tested to prove that they can treat addiction. In addition to family therapy, your treatment may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and group therapy. We also provide case management and trauma-informed treatment programs.

Another advantage of our opioid addiction treatment program is in our name: medication-assisted treatment. For many people, the fear of withdrawal keeps them from seeking the treatment that they need. They continue to use the drug due to this fear. However, with medication-assisted treatment, we can lessen the symptoms of withdrawal, encouraging a longer time in recovery. We offer several options, including:

To learn more about the advantages of a family therapy program in CO, contact the experts at Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery at 833.448.0127 today.