Coloradans Who Struggle With Opioid Addiction Find Support With State’s First Combination Outpatient Treatment and MAT Program

June 22, 2020

“I followed what one might call the ‘quintessential’ opiate epidemic addiction story,” shares Michael Damioli. “While attending college in Boulder, I experimented with drugs and alcohol, and quickly became addicted. I witnessed countless others struggle with their addictions, and more than a few passed away. When I found recovery, I decided to help others suffering from addiction.”

Grand Opening of Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, Colorado’s First Independent, Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program to Center on Comprehensive Clinical Services

June 1, 2020

New addiction recovery program comprehensively treats opioid dependence fusing addiction medicine with structured counseling and peer-support to evolve opioid treatment in Colorado by healing the body and the mind.